National Payroll Week


What is National Payroll Week? 

National Payroll Week (NPW) was founded by the American Payroll Association in 1996. The purpose of National Payroll Week is to set aside five working days each year to honor the men and women whose tax contributions support the American Dream, and the payroll professionals who are dedicated to processing those contributions. National Payroll Week 2018 is observed September 3 - 7. 

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Goals Of National Payroll Week

  • To honor the millions of men and women who work and pay taxes in the United States.

  • To honor payroll professionals for their work.

  • To increase public awareness of the role tax contributions, social security and unemployment benefits play in supporting the American system.

  • To increase public awareness of payroll professionals and their role in ensuring that U.S. workers receive what is rightfully theirs and comply with our nation's tax and child support withholding obligations.

  • To provide public service education to youth and the national workforce on payroll taxation and employment-related issues.

Chapter members! Don't forget to register your efforts for the National Education Champions chapter contest. You can teach the MasterCard Money Matters curriculum any time in September, and still be eligible to become a National Education Champion. Not sure how to get your Money Matters National Education Day event started? Get a CHAMPS referral from APA's Chapter Relations department.

Ideas you can use to celebrate National Payroll Week September 3 - 7, 2018 at your company!

  • Sponsor an e-mail payroll contest - how many paychecks does the company produce per year, how much does the employer contribute monthly to federal revenue, how many employees have direct deposit, etc. Winners could get a free Payday candy bar.

  • Hold an open house for people to learn about or sign up for direct deposit, check on their deductions and benefits.

  • Put an article on NPW in your company newsletter.

  • Have a party and invite related departments (finance, HR, etc.) or set up a discussion of overlapping issues in your departments and celebrate with an NPW logo cake.

  • Include information on NPW with paychecks and the direct deposit advice.

  • Ask your company to become a sponsor of NPW.

  • Dress up your office and your staff!

  • Give out NPW pencils to other departments.

  • Hang NPW pennants or balloons in your office, HR office, cafeteria, etc.

  • Get everyone prepared - use NPW post-it pads for all your messages.

  • Wear NPW polos or T-shirts and take pictures of it!

  • Play Giving You the Best: I am a Payroll Professional (the payroll song) for all to hear.

Educational and Community Outreach

  • Teach local high school students about their paychecks.

  • Talk to student business clubs and youth groups about the payroll profession.

  • Meet with high school guidance counselors on promoting the payroll profession.

  • Teach elementary or middle school students about how payroll and deductions work.

  • Present information on compliance to local small businesses.

  • Work with a literacy center on job application skills and filling out a Form W-4.

  • Engage in public service in honor of NPW - adopt a highway, help at a shelter, raise scholarship funds for students, etc.

  • Contribute copies of Your Paycheck Factbook to your local library, community center or school.

  • Talk about payroll.

  • Work with your APA Local Chapter.

  • Local chapters are planning all kinds of activities - join up with fellow payroll professionals to celebrate!

Public Recognition

  • Request a Payroll Week proclamation from your Mayor or town council and make a public ceremony out of receiving it.

  • Ask your local newspaper, radio or TV station to report on NPW.

Community Outreach

  • Proclamations

  • Public Relations and Media

  • Educational Activities

  • Team Up With NPW Sponsors